Catching Plastic Initiative

We are excited to announce that Corsair, in a joint effort together with fishery associations all across the country of Thailand, including thousands of fishing boats and tens of thousands of fishermen, will now start to collect plastic waste from the ocean, under a new program called, the “Catching Plastic Initiative”.

Plastic waste is a major problem not only on land, but also in our oceans.

More than 8 Billion kilos of plastic waste enters the oceans every year.

From now on, the fishermen collaborating with us, will not only go out to catch fish, but plastic too, removing it forever from the Oceans, while receiving a new source of income from it.

This plastic is then handed over to Corsair, delivered to our Bangkok facility, where it will be recycled into Advanced Bio-oil.

Every CSR Plastic Credit issued after 10.4.2022 also now includes a piece of plastic waste removed from our Oceans.

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