Your opportunity

You will, at home, be SHARING the wealth of the Corsair Group while being a major player in its mission to get rid of plastic waste, fight air pollution and much more to come!
You need to be properly positioned in the global market, with industries that will benefit from the recession, inflation and financial crisis – that’s exactly what Corsair, Amplivo and CSR Plastic Credit are doing.

By joining our team, we give you the opportunity, as Independent Associates (IA) to become a member of the Amplivo Community. This one (powered by Corsair Group) contribute through its investment strategy, with the fight against PLASTIC WASTE, which after CO2 is the biggest environmental threat to our planet, in doing so help in creating a better tomorrow for all.

IAs participate and can even benefit indirectly from the fight against plastic waste from their home. IAs are REWARDED for their efforts with an exceptional compensation plan and benefit from a state-of-the-art back office as well as updates, promotional and educational material that will support them on their way to success…

Join the Amplivo Community (free registration on this link: Amplivo), growing internationally with the help of the website: Plastic Waste Movement.

Contact us with the contact form to give you all the support you need

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